Terms & Conditions

Brand SMS Terms & CXonditions

These terms and condition will only apply to use the website of SMS -SofticWeb. The terms and condition will be applied fully and effect to use of SMS-Softiweb website or this website. By using this website you agreed to accept all the terms and conditions that are written below. First read our terms and condition before using the website. If you disagree with SMS -SofticWeb terms & conditions, then you do not need to use this website. One thing is more and that is for minors and under 18 years of old visitors. They are not allowed to use this website in any circumstances.

Property Rights

Other than the content as a visitors or customers that your own, under these terms and conditions, SMS-SofticWeb or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and material that are published in this website. You can view the material contained on this website for getting information about our services but not for the commercial usage.

Choose right message language

At our branded sms website, we give you the two options either you send message by using English language or urdu language. It is totally up to you. If you choose the wrong branded sms text language you will be responsible for this wrong selection. SMS-SofticWeb will not take any responsibility regarding wrong selection of language. Choose the English or Urdu message sending service carefully.

Restrictions on message sending services

In our terms and condition there are some restrictions that are given below.

We make sure that any user ID and password you have on this website will be remained confidential all the time. You are also advised to keep confidential your user ID and password as well.

Payment Options

SMS -SofticWeb offers different payment options to pay branded sms & SMS API charges. You can pay your bill through credit card, debit card, JazzCash & online bank transfer. Payment once paid is not returnable in any circumstances

Your Content

You display your content on SMS -SofticWeb in the form of any text, images or other material. By displaying your content at our website you grant permission to SMS-SofticWeb to use, reproduce, adapt, translate, publish and distribute it in any and all media channels.

Your content is your property and we make sure that we will not hand over your content to any third party for marketing purpose. We have a right to remove any of your content from SMS-Softicweb website at any time without any prior notice.

Limitation of liability

SMS-SofticWeb or any of its officers and employees shall be held liable for any liability that are connected directly or indirectly connected with the usage of this website. So first read terms & conditions carefully then take a decision either you should use it or not. It is entirely up to you. We will not responsible for any lost, costs, liabilities, cause of actions, damages and expenses arising in any way related to use of any provision of these terms and conditions.

Absolute Severability

We make sure that any terms and conditions that are described thoroughly are found to be contrary or invalid under any applicable laws, we make sure that such provisions shall be remove or deleted without affecting the others clauses of terms and conditions.

Changing in clauses of terms and condition

SMS-SofticWeb is permitted to revise these terms & condition time to time. As soon as any edition clause is added or removed, the revised terms and conditions will display on website. By using this website, we expect to visit and read these terms and conditions time to time.

Scope of terms and conditions

The scope of these terms and conditions is limited to use of this website. If you do not use this website, no any clause of terms and conditions will apply on you.

In case of any complaints, queries, questions or additional information please email us at info@softicweb.com